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About Us

Karen Goodlow Designs is a professional full service commercial and residential interior design firm that specializes in color consultation. With over 22 years experience working with businesses, homeowners, builders, and contractors, we provide quality services to design and create spaces that are functional, beautiful, and reflect the individual persona of each client.

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How We Evolved

Karen Cincotta grew up in a suburb of Boston, MA. As a very young child, Karen's outstanding artistic talents prompted her mother, a professional fine artist, to enroll Karen in art classes when she was in grade school. Karen consistently excelled in both art and music and immersed herself in using these creative gifts throughout her life. In 1993 Karen moved to Nashville, TN and worked as a musician and  fine artist. She began applying her creativity to each living environment she acquired, and found something powerful happened in the process. Karen began to notice the profound effect designing and decorating her personal surroundings had on her. “Simple things like hanging fine art or faux painting white walls in soft tone-on-tone colors had a huge impact on how I felt in the space,” she explains.

After changing her major in college from fine art to interior design, Karen painted artistic faux finishes in her home which led to people asking her to do their walls and decorate their homes. This also led to decorating for weddings and events. “I believe my big ‘Aha!’ moment came while I was on a very tall ladder, lingering dangerously at ceiling height in a hotel function room putting up decorations,” explains Karen. “I realized in that moment I was doing something difficult and challenging but it didn’t feel like work to me. I was lost in my element with this passion that drove me to accomplish my creative vision no matter what the cost.”

Karen studied fine art at Mass. College of Art in Boston, MA and Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, MA. She then studied Interior Design at Watkins College of Art and Design in Nashville, TN. Karen Goodlow Designs was launched in early 2000 and has operated in Nashville TN, Tucson AZ, Boston, MA and the New England area. Karen Goodlow Designs has evolved into a team of professionals that provide full service interior design services and color expertise for projects large and small.

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Our Mission

Founded on the knowledge that the environments in which we live and work have a profound effect on human function, mood, and productivity, at KGD we are committed and passionate about creating well designed spaces that will have a positive impact on the clients we serve both now and for years to come.

mural-klimt-vienna-art-history-museum B&W.jpg
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