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  • Paint Color Selection/Consultations

  • Architectural Floor Plans

  • Space Planning

  • Project Management

  • Flooring Products and Installation/Hardwood Floor Refinishing

  • Material & Finish Selections

  • Custom Millwork

  • Custom Cabinets

  • Custom Furniture

  • Custom Window Treatments

  • Lighting

  • Fine Art Acquisition

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Paint Color Selection / Consultation Process

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We  have designer accounts with the major top quality paint suppliers:  Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Porter Paints. They supply us with designer color kits which include fan decks and a full selection of color sheets for viewing on location.


During a scheduled color consult,  questions are first asked of the decision makers by the designer to gather information regarding each client's individual tastes, ideas, and  preferences. Existing surrounding elements and lighting are taken into  consideration. The designer serves as a guide, to help each individual client arrive at decisions that will best meet their needs and accomplish their desired results.

The designer selects different color  sheets to view and discuss with the client, and offers insights and  considerations regarding the overall effect of each color (or colors)  being considered. This helps guide the client in the process. Once the  color selections are narrowed down to the top choices, colors are noted,  and the designer orders larger color sheets which will arrive directly to the client in less than a week.


An email is sent to summarize all the  information covered during the appointment, and to provide all  information and specifications on final selections. Clients get their  larger samples to tape up, view, and "live with" in order to help  solidify their final selections. Also...note: some interior colors  should be viewed in daylight and after dark to ensure clarity and  certainty.

Complimentary Followup Call / Email

After  a color consultation the designer lets clients know they are free to  follow up with a phone call or email if they have any questions or  concerns, free of charge. We want our clients to be happy with their  selections and have learned some people need more follow up, which we  allow for.

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For Nash Painting Exterior Painting Clients

We  suggest our clients print out their Nash Painting estimate, which  includes extensive photos of the exterior of the home or business prior  to the color consultation. This allows the designer to map out and label  specifically what colors are going exactly where and to avoid any  confusion. 

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Image courtesy of Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer Tool

Some  clients prefer to see a visual of what the new chosen colors will look like on their interior or exterior. Sherwin Williams provides a color visualizer tool on their website for this purpose. Clients may use this tool by going to:


Clients can apply the paint colors themselves on a stock image or upload their own personal photo. Some clients prefer to pay the designer to provide this visual presentation service for them. 


Note:  When uploading your own photos into the color visualizer tool, although the visual is helpful to give a general idea, please be aware that applying the paint colors over a photo is not a 100% accurate, foolproof color image for two reasons: #1 You are seeing a new color applied over a background color that may show through slightly. #2 Colors on a computer screen usually read/appear slightly different than what the  actual color looks like in real life.


Average paint color consultations take approximately 2 hours, sometimes more. A  small trip fee may apply depending upon the location. 

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