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Goodlettsville Pediatrics

Goodlettsville Pediatrics is a highly rated, well loved medical practice in its local community. It is located within a 17,000 square foot multi-office building. We were excited when they asked us to help create a new paint color design scheme for their entire space. The office manager told us the staff referred to the main color in the hallways as "prison gray." They wanted a brighter color scheme and an overall lighter look to liven everything up. 


The first colors we chose were ones they liked which came from their logo.These two colors were a bright teal and a citron-lime green. These colors also existed in the floor tiles of two hallways, so they tied into the scheme perfectly. We then walked from space to space, working off floor tiles in some areas and then deciding what color families would be the most pleasing to the staff and their patients in their practice. The areas that were once "prison gray" now feel much more like a "sky blue" shade of gray. We were so happy to hear that the staff was more than pleased with the results of their new color scheme.


We were not asked to decorate the walls or provide new furniture since there were budget constraints. The staff decided to do the rest themselves. We did however provide resources – such as several vendors for new furniture, and ideas for art that would complete their look. They expressed a love for colorful animal prints, which we agreed would look great. We suggested another mural of trees – painted in the reception area by a local artist – using colors already in the color scheme.


We also suggested having an image of a window at the end of each long hallway with a painted scene to make it appear as if you were looking out into the countryside or at a beautiful body of water like the ocean or a lake. This is called trompe l'oeil, which means to "fool the eye." It's a great way to add the illusion of seeing more beauty and visual interest that takes you above and beyond a solid wall view.

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