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Fresh Paint and a Fresh Start: Rebuilding after a Devastating Tornado Hits Nashville

I spoke to Cindi a few times on the phone before we met for a color consultation. She explained that her home had been hit by a tornado and that she and her family were living in a hotel.

It was last winter and it was cold. Cindi's HVAC system had been wiped out by the tornado. The house had no electricity, so she asked if I would mind coming over to help her choose paint colors in the cold, with no lights on in what would be a dark house.

I agreed.

She was having her kitchen cabinets painted by Nash Painting, and needed help choosing a cabinet color, as well as wall colors for the rest of the house.

Nash Painting recommended me, as they always do, to their clients who need help choosing paint colors. She brought some flashlights, we bundled up, and went to work.

We started with the cabinets. She knew she wanted a shade of gray, so I first spread out my paint fan deck against the existing countertops in the kitchen in order to narrow down some preliminary options.

I then pulled some 4"x4" color sheets from my Sherwin Williams designer color kit to review with her. We continued this process from room to room. Whenever we found a color sheet we thought would work that she liked, we brought it over to a window to see it in natural light as best we could. We kept at it until we came up with a full color palette for the entire first floor of her home.

My heart went out to Cindi.

The insurance company and the contractor were three months behind schedule on everything. She told me every step took a painfully long amount of time. She was losing hope at the time, and was having a hard time finding the inspiration to even think about choosing colors for the interior design of her home that needed so much structural work before they could even think about moving back in.

After our appointment, I mailed color sheets to her and sent my usual follow up email that included specifications on what colors were going where.

I wasn't sure how long it would be for Cindi. I thought of her and hoped for the best.

When December came, I wondered if Cindi was back in her home and if she and her family would be able to spend Christmas there. I sent her an email and could not have been more delighted by her response. In her email she included the most wonderful photos of her home all decorated for Christmas.

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