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Do's & Don'ts for Choosing the Right Paint Colors

Most people get completely overwhelmed when it comes to choosing paint colors. The sheer number of choices is enough to bring on an anxiety attack.

When I began my interior design business 22 years ago, I found myself frequently helping people choose paint colors because it's a basic foundational area of interior design where most people got stuck.

My specialized training began back in grade school. My mother, an accomplished fine artist, enrolled me in private art classes and exposed me to fine art museums very young when she realized I was very artistically gifted.

My many years of studying fine art would later be used in ways I would never have anticipated. Design and color are my areas of expertise. We were recently asked to write a blog for Nash Painting, one of Nashville's top painting companies whom we've partnered with for many years.

Here is the link with some very helpful information.

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